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We provide the top name e-bikes you love.  We fully assemble, adjust, and test them for free.  We provide delivery and a personal service touch, all at unbeatable internet prices!

Welcome to CSM Power Bikes

We're adding models daily. Call us at 815-513-2453 if you don't see the bike you want.


Step into the future of mobility! At CSM Power Bikes, we're driven by a vision where thrill meets sustainability. Dive into an e-bike adventure that's not only exhilarating but also eco-conscious. Each ride is a commitment to fitness, fun, and a greener planet. We pride ourselves on exceptional local support. When you have a question, it's our voice on the other end of the line, ensuring you're always powered up and ready to go.

We are a mobile e-bike dealership, and mobile bicycle repair shop, based out of Johnsburg, IL.  We provide pick-up and delivery services for purchases and repairs.  Call us to schedule an appointment to view available inventory, test ride e-bikes, or schedule your service or repairs.  We have flexible hours, and are here to help you enhance your ride!

We carry Mokwheel, Rad Power Bikes, Blaupunkt Folding E-Bikes, and Big Cat Bikes.  We are also an authorized dealer and service center for Blix, Himiway, Velotric, Velowave.  We will service any brand of e-bike or bicycle.  See our selection now!

Authorized Dealer of Premium E-Bikes

Blaupunkt Folding EBikes
Rad Power Bikes
Mokwheel E-Bikes
Big Cat Electric Bikes
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