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750 W Mini Long Beach Cruiser
  • BIG CAT® 2023 Mini Fat Cat 750 XXL -Fat Tire Premium Electric Bike

    The Mini Cat XXL 750W E-Bike features an aluminum frame that houses a new 48V 13Ah Lithium Ion battery. This powers a 750W geared rear hub motor that delivers more torque which will enhance your electric bike experience on any terrain. The new frame on this e-bike was designed with the rider in mind. New to the 2020 model is the addition of front suspension. The top tube swoops down slightly which will allow riders to get on and off the bicycle easier.


    Still featuring monster 4.0" tires, the Mini Cat XXL fat tire e-bike is the ideal bike for riders who are seeking an alternative means to traditional cycling, which in many cases can be limited to road and light off-road use. The Mini Cat XXL allows riders to ride along the sand, mud, dirt trails, snow and regular road conditions with ease!


    Easily Accommodate riders from 4'9" to 6'2".

    • Specifications

      UL tested Samsung Battery Volts / Amps  Lithium-Ion 48V 13Ah black casing

      750 W Bafang sealed motor 

      Range    30-60 Miles (Range depends on rider, rider weight, terrain.

      Max Speed  20 to 28 Mph

      Weight With Battery        40 pounds

      Weight Capacity               295 pounds

       Pedal Assist On-Demand twist Throttle, and trottle Kill Switch

      Large Big Cat LCD 3″ Mulitfunction Computer

      Lights     Super Bright L.E.D Front and Rear Light


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