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Buying from a dealer vs. buying online

E-Bikes have been around for a long time, but only in recent years have you seen them become more mainstream. Reasons for their increased popularity is in part due to environmental awareness and more affordable components. But part is also due to many lower cost, lower quality companies entering the arena. These extremely low cost bikes can be found all over the internet, but are they truly safe? How do you know how to pick the correct bike for you? How do you decide between online, and a local dealer? Let's answer a few of those questions for you.

With the rise in popularity of e-Bikes, it seems like you have endless selections of brands to choose from, and with those selections come an endless array of price ranges as well. There are e-Bikes out there as low as a couple hundred dollars, all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. But there are some critical aspects to keep in mind when selecting your e-Bike.

  1. Customer Service: It's easy to spend $200 on a bike online. But when you need help, is that company there for you? While most companies will offer some sort of warranty, shipping your bike to them isn't as easy. Before you decide to buy a bike online, we suggest calling their customer service line to ask a few questions. Will they pay for shipping? Will someone come and pick up the bike, or better yet, fix it at your home? Buying from a local dealer gives you the peace of mind to know that you aren't shipping your bike across the country or the globe, you just have to talk to your dealer. **CSM POWER BIKES WILL PICK UP, DROP OFF, OR EVEN REPAIR AT YOUR HOME**

  2. Assembly: When you order a bike online, do you know how it will be delivered? Do you have to put all of the parts together, or will it be partially assembled? Another question to ask yourself is do you know how to adjust sensitive components, like brakes and gears? Buying from a dealer means that a professional will assemble your bike, tune it up, and make sure it's right before you or your family ride. **CSM POWER BIKES PROVIDES THE FIRST YEAR OF SERVICE AND TUNE UP AT NO COST TO YOU**

  3. Quality and Safety: You can find quality e-bikes online, or you can find cheap e-bikes online. Do you know what to look for? Look for UL rated batteries and chargers, sealed motors, and high-quality brand name components. CSM Power Bikes carries Big Cat e-Bikes. All of our e-bikes have UL rated Samsung batteries and chargers, Shimano 7-speed derailleurs, Tektro front and rear mechanical brakes, sealed Bafang hub motors, Mozo front forks, and King Meter electronic controllers. This means you can ride with confidence in all weather and know that your bike will be safe, and work right for many years.

  4. The Personal Touch: If you aren't sure what you need in an e-bike, call CSM Power Bikes at 815-51e-bike (513-2453). We will be happy to discuss your unique needs. See, unlike online stores, or volume dealers, we believe that if you are investing in a quality bike, you should have a knowledgeable dealer who understands how each bike can meet your needs. Don't settle for the first bike they push at you. Let us understand your needs and provide solid recommendations and service!

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